Refugee and Immigrant Services | Family Separation Resources

At Catholic Charities, our mission to help those that may otherwise be lost includes welcoming newcomers to our country. Hundreds of thousands of refugees, immigrants, and migrants enter the United States each year looking for a better life. With a variety of multicultural and multilingual services, Catholic Charities offers these new and future citizens support during the long process of adjusting to their new surroundings and becoming active participants in their communities. Our services include Refugee Resettlement, Community Interpreter Services, Immigration Legal Services, Employment Services and ESOL classes.

Refugee Resettlement
Refugees from all corners of the world including Burma, Bhutan, Cuba, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iraq, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan and Vietnam are welcomed to Boston by Catholic Charities staff. The newcomers are provided with a modest apartment furnished with basic necessities; and assisted with acculturation, job placement services and English language training. Along with this critical assistance, refugees receive compassion, understanding and positive reassurance from our staff to help in the attainment of independence and self-sufficiency.

Instructions for how to apply for food stamps aka SNAP Benefits (Haitian Creole version)
Instructions for Transitional Assistance for Families with Dependent Children aka TAFD (Haitian Creole version)

Community Interpreter Services
Community Interpreter Services (CIS) assists limited English speakers in accessing legal, health, educational, and other services. Our highly skilled interpreters serve as a crucial link between service providers and limited English speakers. As an industry leader, CIS interpreters are recognized for their quality and service excellence. Learn about the languages we speak, and request a quote today. >

Immigration Legal Services
Upon arrival in the United States, immigrants face a daunting array of linguistic, economic, cultural and legal challenges. Through immigration legal services, newcomers receive high-quality legal consultation, referral and representation for an array of immigration benefits, such as political asylum, naturalization and family reunification.

ESOL Classes

Regionally recognized ESOL classes are offered at many of our locations. For a complete list visit our education programs.


If you would like to volunteer for our Refugee and Immigrant Services program please call 617-464-8122 or email