Oral/Face-to-Face/On-site Interpretation

Interpreting in person or over the phone
The primary purpose of the interpreter is to enable communication from one individual to another. The interpreter providers and clients to communicate directly with each other in a language that is familiar and understood by the client. Using a face-to-face interpreter can guarantee accuracy, understanding and responding to cultural nuances, and allowing language barriers to disappear.

Interpreting for Small Groups or Conferences
CIS interpreters can also facilitate communication in a small group setting or conference. There are two ways to deliver interpretation in these settings.

  • Simultaneous: The interpretation takes place at the same time the speaker is delivering the content. This requires audio equipment and usually two or more interpreters working together in shifts.
  • Consecutive: The presenter speaks, pauses, and then the interpreter presents the information. Depending on the setting, groups of 7 or more may require 2 interpreters.

Interpreting for Corporate Training
Our interpreters are also experienced in providing interpretation – both consecutive and simultaneous – for HR trainings. Below are a few examples in which it would be valuable to provide an interpreter for a limited English employee:

  • Compliance Training
  • Human Resources Orientation
  • Safety Training
  • Performance Review
  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Annual Company Meetings

It’s easy to begin using our interpreter Services

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