Basic Needs

The Basic Needs Department

The Basic Needs Department is one of the most common entryways for individuals and families into the agency’s network of programs and services. The department is designed to serve as a platform for Catholic Charities to explore, develop, deliver, or implement programs to help close social service gaps, empower clients to achieve self-sufficiency, and put to Catholic Charities’ mission in action.

Through “wrapped around” multi-system services approach, the Basic Needs Department can provide one-time and ongoing relief assistance, crisis intervention, case management, self-sufficiency coaching, and other services needed in the communities. In addition, the department provides emergency support services, including food pantries, rent and mortgage assistance, utility assistance, baby supplies, clothing and other necessities, and seasonal and holiday assistance for families who cannot afford a warm meal at Thanksgiving.

Basic Needs Department partners and collaborates with various social services organizations and groups in the community to ensure the broadest safety net of opportunities for all clients. It also works towards ensuring good quality of staff and tools to help clients overcome the challenges of accessing eligible services (e.g. language barriers, stigma, lack of proper information to register for public services, etc). Catholic Charities recognizes that providing social services can translate in greater opportunity for success to clients and their households, including saving children in poverty.

Catholic Charities will continue embracing each individual and family with a plan to achieve self-sufficiency, giving back some of the choices that they lost along the way.

Annual campaigns such as Friends Feeding Families and support from the community help to restock the shelves of our pantries which feed over 100,000 people each year.

Please note that all assistance is dependent on availability and donations.