Highlight On: Community Champions

Hand-Knit Items for CCAB Clients

New England winters can be long and cold. Some of our most vulnerable community members do not have the appropriate clothing and cold-weather gear to keep them warm throughout these long months.  Thanks to some very generous community champions, residents at our St. Ambrose Family Shelter and our Refugee and Immigrant Services clients were recently given some beautiful, hand-knit items to help keep warm.


Ron and Mary Weishaar, owners of "A Great Yarn" in Chatham, knit over 50 hats for our St. Ambrose Family Shelter. We distributed these beautiful hats to shelter residents and others in need in the neighborhood and are so thankful for Ron and Mary's generosity and talent!  


Our Refugee and Immigrant Services division recently received a beautiful donation of hand-knit items from a very generous supporter. We will distribute the hats, sweaters, and small blankets to RIS clients at our upcoming RIS Shopping Day this winter. Thank you for helping us keep our new community members warm during these cold months!