A "Creativity Explosion" During COVID-19

This time in history is a creativity explosion, as people and countries come together to combat COVID-19. The challenge of combating COVID-19 has been addressed medically, socially, economically, and  emotionally and spiritually on websites, radio and TV shows and in houses of worship.

It has forced us to learn new skills and to use our present skills to help each other. We are learning that we are all creative and resilient in the face of adversity. I have seen communities and organizations supporting each other, and even helping people they do not personally know, through the giving of food and other necessities.

Counseling services are available online, as are online support groups for many issues that people are facing. People have been giving food to neighbors and others who are homebound and can’t get their needs met. They have run errands for people who could not take care of themselves.

I have seen people being creative in walking groups they formed, with friends and with their pets. They have been playing more with their children on a daily basis. They have been doing yoga in their own homes, painting pictures, knitting and doing other creative activities such as writing. People have been in daily contact using the phone and other technology. I have seen encouraging signs in various communities offering hope and support to people who walked or drove by them. In stores, people have been kind to each other and followed the instructions of the stores to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. Schools have put courses online. The list goes on and on. Everyone is looking for creative solutions to support each other and keep going.

This was a creativity explosion in how people positively moved forward to solutions. People are learning from the past experiences and using new information to find solutions to the challenges they are facing. This can be used for our future lives. Keep moving forward, look for the good daily, have an attitude of gratitude, help one another. We are resilient and have overcome past challenges and will do the same this time.

Written by Jeri Rabchenuk, Catholic Charities, LICSW, BCD 3/2020 ©