Highlight On: Community Champions

When the COVID-19 crisis first began over five months ago, we immediately saw our CCAB community-- staff, volunteers, donors, neighbors and partner organizations—jump into action in response to the increased demand on our programs and services.  Our Board Chair and CEO, Kevin MacKenzie, recently said, “During these challenging times I have had the opportunity to work with our teams and observe their incredible commitment to serve tirelessly the growing needs of the families that rely on us every day. I have also seen the kindness and goodness that lifts us all in difficult periods through the amazing generosity and support we have received from our donors, advocates and the overall community.”

We continue see the effects of the pandemic in our neighborhoods and could not rise to meet this increasing demand without our Community Champions. Our food pantries have served over 1 million lbs. of food this year. Our shelter staff and volunteers are extending their work into surrounding communities. New volunteers are coming to us to help out, and the local organizations that we partner with are continually stepping up to help where and how they can. We could not be more thankful for each person who has stepped in to support our community members in need in the face of this pandemic.

We started this blog series to shine a light on the people and organizations that help us do our work, and here are just a few recent stories of people that we are proud to call CCAB’s Community Champions:

  • MLK Scholars at Teen Center: This summer, 10 local teens from the MLK Scholars Program have been working at the Teen Center at St. Peter’s, continuing to support the youth and families enrolled at the Teen Center with basic necessities and activities throughout the summer. Thank you, MLK Scholars, for helping us continue this important work in the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood of Dorchester.


  • A generous donor and neighbor of our St. Ambrose Family Shelter in Dorchester, Maribeth, purchased and donated food for a family in need who recently moved out of the shelter. It is community members like Maribeth who remind us how much good is still out there in the world. Thank you, Maribeth, for helping to support our community members in need.


  • Lovin’ Spoonfuls, an amazing partner organization of ours, delivers fresh produce to our St. Ambrose Family Shelter every Friday, ensuring that the residents have access to fresh and nutritious food. Lovin’ Spoonfuls also delivers food to our pantry locations, enabling us to provide for our neighbors in need each week.  


  • We recently worked with our partners at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless and provided them with the resources to deliver food to nearly 400 individuals and families in the Boston area, making over 800 deliveries. Partners like Boston Healthcare for the Homeless help us extend our work outside of our program locations to support the larger communities in which we serve, and for that we are very thankful.

Thank you to all of our staff, volunteers, donors and community partners who enable us to continue helping local families and individuals in our communities here in Eastern Massachusetts. We are so grateful for your generosity and support!