26.2 Reasons to Support Catholic Charities’ Boston Marathon Team

Monday, April 4, 2016

Thanks to the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program, Catholic Charities is honored to have a committed team of runners who are fundraising to support our mission to get our most vulnerable on the path to self-sufficiency. Here are 26.2 reasons to make a donation to support our Boston Marathon team today:   

Reason #1: Our runners!—and boy, do they run. All six of our runners have a different story and a singular goal: run to end poverty and support those in need.

Reason #2: Donating to our runners supports our race to help 200,000 people in need a year.

Reason #3: Seasons may change, but our mission does not. We work each day to end poverty to build a just and compassionate society rooted in the dignity of all people.  

Reason #4: Jennifer Henshall, one of our six runners. She’s a long-time runner and mother of two. A melanoma cancer survivor, Jennifer is running for Catholic Charities because her life was saved through the generosity of others. Now is her opportunity to give back and help those in need.

Reason #5: The dedication we display for ending poverty is as intense and rewarding as the training required to finish the grueling 26.2 Boston course.

Reason #6: Self-sufficiency is a goal worth achieving.

Reason #7: Heartbreak Hill is for runners as food insecurity is for many in Eastern Mass; one of the most difficult challenges families face.

Reason #8: Our volunteers! 8,000 volunteers make the Boston Marathon a success; we rely on 3,000 volunteers annually to help us to better achieve our mission.

Reason #9: All families are different. We embrace them all through programs designed to strengthen and sustain them now and in the future.

Reason #10: Fr. Michael Smith, one of our six runners. A Catholic priest, Connecticut native and veteran marathon runner, Fr. Michael is running for Catholic Charities and the Boston Marathon for the first time, he wants to go the extra mile for those in need. Will you?

Reason #11: Our Friends Feeding Families Program, designed to raise awareness and engagement around the issue of food insecurity, is something people of all ages can put their arms around.

Reason #12Meb Keflezighi, the 2014 Boston Marathon Winner and Spring Celebration guest of the same year. Meb’s support of our work is as iconic as his photo finish on Boylston Street.

Reason #13: You don't need anymore reasons and  want to make a donation in support of the team right now! Curious about the other 13.2 reasons? Read to the finish! 

Reason #14: Standing the test of time. The Boston Marathon celebrates its 120th year; Catholic Charities is right behind with 113 years of serving those in need.  

Reason #15: Mary Kate Henry, one of our six runners. A young, Boston native gearing up to run her second Boston Marathon, Mary Kate grew up in a close-knit family and was taught to show mercy and compassion to others. She’s paying it forward in racing to raise money for Catholic Charities. Thank you Mary Kate!

Reason #16: Supporting grandparents raising grandchildren. Our Grandparents as Parents and Recovering Connections programs support grandparents who find themselves raising their grandchildren due to the opioid crisis plaguing their families throughout Eastern Massachusetts. 

Reason #17: Steve Scala, one of our six runners. He enjoys competing in this elite race event with the world’s best. He sees the Boston Marathon as a representation of humanity… we all run the same course—some have gifts while others are burdened with challenges.

Reason #18: Jubilee Year of Mercy. At Catholic Charities we dedicate the Year of Mercy to our employees. Our 700 employees day-in and day-out show mercy and kindness to the 200,000 people we serve—for this we are grateful.

Reason #19: Young parents! Our Healthy Families Program helps families in need grow strong while providing young parents with the tools and skills they need to be good parents.

Reason #20: Catholic Charities Teen Center at St. Peter’s in Dorchester. When our kids arrive at the Teen Center, they receive personal attention, tutoring, and mentoring for success. We also offer outreach to our teens’ families.

Reason #21: Meet Garrett Quinn. This is his first Boston Marathon. He chose to run for Catholic Charities because he believes in our mission and helping people in need. Way to go Garrett!

Reason #22: The Shamrock Foundation, the charitable arm of the Boston Celtics. We thank the Foundation for their support in choosing Catholic Charities as an evening’s 50/50 Raffle participant, helping us raise funds toward our Boston Marathon team goal.

Reason #23: Our shelter for young mothers, Brigid’s Crossing in Lowell. The home for young mothers teaches new mothers parenting skills and offers services to help them on the road to economic independence.       

Reason #24: Margie Walentuk, one of our six runners. Her passions are running, creating healthy recipes and providing compassionate mental health care. A clinician at our Family Counseling Center in Danvers, she’s pumped to represent us on our Boston Marathon team. Please support Margie and our team.

Reason #25: Seasons may change, but our mission does not. We work each day to end poverty, to build stronger families, and to advocate for those who cannot. We do it all with committed compassion.

Reason #26: Our seven Catholic Charities Childcare Centers. Working parents can rely on quality childcare and early education in any one of our Centers in Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Lynn, Malden, North Cambridge, Peabody and South Boston.

Reason #26.2: You! If you got this far down the list, you are a Catholic Charities supporter. Show your support one more time by making a donation to our Boston Marathon team today. Go Catholic Charities!