A Bigger Picture

In 2013, Catholic Charities of Greater Boston recognized a need in Middlesex County. There was no food pantry option that offered clients a choice; that offered them the dignity that accompanies being responsible for the food your family receives. Starting out in what is now the food pantry’s waiting room, the Somerville Basic Needs Office was born.

The Catholic Charities Basic Needs Program works to assist low and moderate-income individuals and families move from crisis to stability and from stability to self-sustainability. With that in mind, this food pantry, located on Washington Street in Somerville right near St. Joseph Parish, works to empower their clients with other resources they might need to get them on the best path to self-sustainability. Warm smiles welcome clients and caring volunteers assist in “shopping” through the pantry. The sense of community is evident throughout.

For one volunteer, this pantry is more than just an opportunity to give back to her community. She is giving back to the pantry that once served her when she needed a hand up. The respect with which clients are treated goes a long way, and those who keep the pantry up and running understand that. They look at the bigger picture, trying to help clients understand, “why am I getting this service?”

For more information about this pantry and the important work they are taking on, email info@ccab.org.