Crafting Memories

Catholic Charities South works to serve clients through every important phase of their lives. Children make memories at Sunset Point Camp in Hull; parents work on perfecting their English in the English Transcultural Center; families rely on the food pantry, the largest in Brockton. Rita, a dedicated volunteer and friend of Catholic Charities South, saw a need to further engage one group we serve: Brockton’s active and involved elders.

Rita took it upon herself to come up with an outlet for these individuals. With the help of the entire staff at Catholic Charities South, the Friday crafting class was born. Rita welcomes elders, most of whom were at one point involved in the English Transcultural Center, every Friday during the session to the Brockton location on Court Street. One long-term project in particular has caught the eye of others at Catholic Charities South: quilting.

The women work in conjunction with staff and volunteers. Some of the staff had prior quilting skills, but those who didn’t spent time with Rita to learn how they could assist in the class. Participants work on every phase of quilting, from choosing their colors to the final stitches, creating something that is truly theirs. 

On Friday, June 16, the final quilts were presented at a breakfast reception. The pride beaming from the faces of the quilters spoke to the hours of dedication and perseverance to not only learn a new skill, but to improve their English. 

Catholic Charities is so grateful for volunteers like Rita who dedicate their time to serving a need in the community. For more information about this or other programs, please email