Parishes welcome newcomers through Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services welcomed over 230 refugees last year alone, and we could not continue to do this work without the help and support of the community. One community in Danvers, as part of a Parish Organized to Welcome Refugees (or POWR) site, came together as two different church groups to provide for newcomers welcomed by Catholic Charities.

According to Grace Gaskill, the POWR coordinator for Catholic Charities of Boston, the volunteers dedicated to this project were incredibly helpful. “In the days leading up to the arrival of a Pakistani family of three, I organized a time for the groups to come and drop off household items, furniture, and toiletries, and some stayed to help me clean, organize, and make a home of the new apartment. [One couple] from the Danvers POWR site even came with us to the airport to greet the family, and bough them halal Pakistani takeout for their first meal in America. They also researched their religious sect, and bought them dates in order to help them break their fast.”

If you or your parish is interested in helping through POWR, email