Fun and Cupcakes

There are many fixtures at Sunset Point Camp every summer. Smiley fries, the “Hungry Song”, saying “Grace” before dinner, and a cupcake with crossbones are known by campers and staff alike. Thanks to the generosity of Johnny Cupcakes and Johnny’s family, Sunset

Point campers are guaranteed fun and memories from the popular Massachusetts-based clothing line.

At the Sunset Point Camp Johnny Cupcakes Pop Up Shop, the currency used was far more important than money. At the first table, campers had to make a heart with their hands, and their reward was stickers and pins. The second table was full of apparel. The cost of the apparel was to share what they like best about themselves. The answers included:

I’m helpful and kind I have 11 siblings
I am extraverted I like my smile
I like my hair I build robots and I’m proud of it
I am nice to people I am special
I am forgiving I love my parents





The last table had totes, posters, coin pouches, hats, and tricks. The price for two items was to say what they liked the best about Sunset Point Camp. Campers named counselors, the pool, the beach, kayaking, boating, swimming, treasure night, s’mores, and “everything”.

Thank you to the Johnny Cupcakes family for being so supportive of Sunset Point Camp and our campers. We are so grateful to Ms. Lorraine, Johnny Cupcakes’s mother, who shared her experience at this year’s pop up shop – you make such an impact on the lives of the children we serve.

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