Work of Art at Nazareth Child Care

Nazareth Child Care in Jamaica Plain is home to dedicated teachers shaping the lives of their young students on a daily basis. However, one particular teacher has gone above and beyond to show appreciation for his students in his own, unique way. Diderot Jean Philippe, or DJ as he is known among friends, students and colleagues, is an aspiring artist and kindergarten teacher at Nazareth Child Care.

Last Thursday, August 24, DJ presented his artwork in a display titled “Work of Art” during Nazareth’s Family Fun Day. Families and students were invited to participate in games, face painting, food, and a bounce house outside. DJ took this opportunity to share with his students’ parents his view of their children through portraits he carefully and lovingly created for them. Alongside the portraits DJ created were the photos the portraits were based on, as well as self-portraits created by the students themselves. “I get the opportunity to spend half of every day with these children; I get to mold them. They are works of art themselves, and I wanted to share that with their parents,” DJ explained. The self-portrait project came as part of the Boston Public School curriculum in which Nazareth takes part, placing importance on self-confidence and celebrating differences in every student.

Students, teachers, and parents alike were in awe of DJ’s talent and time he invested in his students. Catholic Charities Nazareth Child Care is blessed to have teachers like DJ. For more information about DJ’s artwork or Nazareth Child Care, please email