Positive Impact

The positive impact of the St. Peter Teen Center is evident in its outcomes for these children and young adults socially, personally and academically. The teen members have low pregnancy rates, no gang involvement, less than one percent have been arrested, and none have been killed. These results are incredible when we see that Dorchester has Boston’s highest juvenile arrest rate, violent crime rate,and highest DYS population rate. The Teen Center’s first focus is academics with a strong after-school tutoring program provided for its members.

Outstanding Academic Results

  • One-third of members are not literate in English upon admission and 65% become English literate within six months of enrollment, and 95% become literate within 12 months.
  • 92% of the high school senior members successfully pass the MCAS and TOEFL testing
  • 92% graduate from their Boston public high school (BPS) vs. the average graduation rate of 66% from BPS
  • 88% apply are accepted into a program of higher education
  • 72% are accepted to four-year and two-year colleges with the goal of going onto a four-year school
  • 60% develop leadership skills
  • 70% develop job readiness skills and job retention skills
  •  50% participate in financial literacy workshops and improve their money management skills